Raque Traveling Carriages are truly custom designed for each and every individual application. Whether the production needs call for sauce, pie filling, pasta, or IQF items, all customers can expect accurate product placement and repeatable presentation at any speed.


  • Raque dispensing valves are carried through dual motions, horizontal movement to match speed with container, and vertical motion to close the gap with target during depositing.
  • Servos and/or air cylinders control the dual motions to fulfill the specific needs for speed and accuracy
  • Similarly, funnels and buckets can replace the dispensing valves to create traveling “interfaces” for multi-head weigh scales and pasta fillers when using continuous conveyors. Often referred to as “Weigh Scale Interface Carriage”


  • The layout of the dispensing valves or buckets is custom designed to fit the number of conveyor lanes and belt pitch. A typical layout is a 2 x 4 pattern for 8 valves on a 10” pitch dual lane conveyor.
  • The horizontal motion often matches the speed of the conveyor, but it can also be designed to sweep the tray for product layering.
  • When supplied with a Raque Production Line, the traveling carriage and all of its elements can be integrated into the conveyor frame to save valuable production floor space


  • To integrate with existing conveyors, the traveling carriage is typically constructed such that it is floor mounted and clamped to the conveyor frame.
  • Servo-driven carriages are most common but line shaft driven is still possible
  • A self-contained control system is often supplied with servo controlled carriages.
  • For operator safety, complete guard frames are supplied with interlocked hinged doors.
  • For Ready Meal Lines, the dispensing valves mount with ease, and the air cylinders stay connected to the pneumatic system during sanitation.
  • Centerline slots or mounting blocks are supplied when multiple mounting heights are required such as Cream Pie Lines.