The Raque Engineering Team is ready to provide a turnkey solution for your next production line project. As your team is focused on business and operations, Raque is well positioned to tackle your project from the R&D and Design phases through manufacturing and finally the commissioning phase including all third party ancillary equipment.


  • Early in these projects, the Raque team works closely with your team to generate the scope of the overall project
  • Raque-manufactured equipment can fulfill many of the processes needed for a production line. Raque partners with other top-quality manufacturers for the remainder  
  • The Raque team will coordinate all efforts between the multiple parties to achieve final success


  • Third party depositing equipment often requires the use of custom built Raque High-Speed Interface Carriages
  • Automation is at the heart of Raque Production Lines. All communication between upstream and downstream is planned for
  •  Our Controls Team will tailor Line Management software and Recipe Management modules


  • Controls Integration of multiple manufacturers is key for smooth operations especially during process upsets, starts, and stops
  • Mechanical Integration of multiple manufacturers is key for product transfers and operator safety
  • A Raque Turnkey Solution ensures thorough integration of all components as well as the man-machine interface