Rapid Clean Piston Filler

The latest innovation in Raque technology for depositing of shear sensitive products.

  • Fastest Disassembly and Re-assembly available in the industry
  • Unparalleled weight control across all viscosities and particulate sizes - "the data says so"
  • Same time-tested, volumetric piston filler system with cutting edge control technology

Rapid Clean Expedited Operations

  • Disassemble in 5 minutes and reassemble in 7! All seals are easily and quickly removed
  • Product cylinder is integrated with rotor block, fewer parts to remove
  • Servo actuators accelerate the setup of weight control

Unparalleled Weight Control S.D.'s are best in class!

The Raque Piston Filler is the right tool for the job. The data says so...

  • Raque recommends piston fillers when product flexibility is critical. Raque uses positive displacement pumps for homogenous filling applications
  • For premium shear sensitive products, the piston filler is the right tool for the job
  • Consistent standard deviations, even with low viscosity products that are prone to dripping

Save On-going Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Faster tear-down and setup times - TIME is MONEY!!

Lower standard deviations = less product giveaway = $$$

Gentle handling of premium shear sensitive products creating great experiences for customers equals increased SALES!

Raque Rapid Clean Piston Filler