Your packaging, your product, and your application is the focus of Raque Custom Applications. Whether a slight deviation from your current process or a white sheet project, custom engineering is inherent in Raque’s DNA.


  • The driving need for a custom application can come from various sources, a new package or a new product, or a completely new process
  • The Raque team will work with your team during the R&D phase to develop a successful proof of concept
  • We will incorporate the best ideas for the concept. Often, the best ideas come from our customers


  • Each new custom application typically requires new innovation blended with existing proven principles. Our approach is “whatever it takes”
  • Automation is at the heart of Raque Production Lines. Expect to see it in your custom project
  • Raque will tailor the end product to fit within existing space constraints and match your plant’s operational methodology


  • To fulfill the unique needs of your application, Raque will often integrate third party technology into one seamless package
  • The same Raque design and build philosophy regarding operator safety and sanitation will apply to your custom project as it does to our more typical equipment
  • Many readily available frozen foods were commercialized as a Raque Custom Application