The Raque Platen Heat Seal handles board, plastic, and pressboard bowls and trays, even aluminum trays and stands alone in its category. Sealing pressure and temperature are maximized to deliver the optimum seal in the shortest time. In order to achieve the preferred seal, whether easy-to-peel or able to withstand pressure, Raque will select from an infinite variety or Raque-developed air cylinders, including multiple stage units and piston diameters as large as 10”.


  • The sealing platens are designed specific to the tray and are change-out parts
  • Two basic models
  • Intermittent motion heat seals handle the lower production speeds
  • Continuous motion platen heat seals achieve much higher speeds by ganging multiple sealing heads onto one or two traveling carriages
  • Control system includes touchscreen, Class III Division I safety circuits, and IP69k washdown components


  • Both intermittent motion models AND continuous motion models have similar options
  • Film cutting options for straight cut or die cut
  • 1 to 4 film feed mandrels
  • Profiled platens for high product


  • The largest Raque Ready Meal Lines run on a continuous motion platen heat seal at speeds of 300 trays per minute and incorporate multiple Piston Fillers, Rotary Plate Fillers, Weigh Scale Interface Carriages. Line lengths of 250 feet are common
  • A very compact line, but high performing, production line can be created with an intermittent motion platen heat seal by extending the carrier infeed section for a Piston Filler and Tray Dispenser
  • The control system can be configured to integrate all control of the production line including recipe management and line management functions