Raque Volumetric Filler Interfaces are custom designed for every individual application. Whether the production needs call for IQF or cooked pasta, rice, or vegetables or unique and expansive products, Raque can deliver accurate product placement and repeatable presentation at any rate.

Volumetric 1 Group25


  • Integrates volumetric fillers – such as a MultiFil – into high speed/high volume systems without compromising quality.
  • Dual motion (horizontal & vertical) to match speed with container and close the gap during depositing. 
  • Servos and/or pneumatic control of the dual motions to fulfill the specific needs for speed and accuracy.
  • Allows for precise control and placement of scale dispensed products at much higher production rates.


  • The array of the buckets is custom designed to fit the number of conveyor lanes and belt pitch.
  • The horizontal motion is capable of matching the speed of the conveyor and can also be designed to sweep the tray for product layering.
  • Can accommodate cornered, quartered, or sweep placement of particulates.
  • High volume production in a small footprint without compromising product or placement quality