Raque manufactures our pie and quiche lines to run at the highest production rates in the industry without sacrificing quality, appearance, or flavor profile. We don’t believe customers need to sacrifice taste or presentation in order to create more throughput. Our hygienic design is not standard off the shelf, and we are truly proud of the craftsmanship and attention to detail our team provides to every opportunity.

Ready Meal 3 Group25


  • High-rim, single, and two crust line options for sweet and savory recipes.
  • Pressed or spun shells 
  • Bottom only or bottom/sidewall shell forming.
  • Sheeted or extruded dough bottoms
  • Border Free, or Waterfall sauce applicators for pizza
  • Topping Units
Pie 1 Group25


  • Custom rim patterns to meet all customer specific needs.
  • Bottom dough flange and top dough crimp patterns to meet customer spec
  • Top dough custom pattern cutouts and web lattice
  • Spin heads designed for customer specified shell dimensions.
  • Rosette pattern filling for cream tops.
  • Servo filling stations to meet an array of custom SKU fill requirements.
  • Particulate depositing for nuts, streusel, frozen berries, chocolate chips etc.
  • Reduced flour usage for improved flavor profile
  • Swappable heads design and size changes
  • Versatile system design for multiple sizes and containers
  • Material handling through checkweigher/MD/X-ray to freezer or cartoner
Pie 3

Hirim Pie Outfeed

Pie 2