The Raque Drum Heat Seal handles plastic and pressboard bowls and trays like no other drum sealer on the market. Multiple size trays can be run on the drum heat seal with minimal change parts other than carriers. Even multiple pitch machines are possible. Though a less expensive alternative to the Raque Platen Heat Seal, the Drum Sealer is now available with many of the same options as identified below.

Three lane Drum Sealer Group25


  • Rotating drums demand less maintenance than the platen heat seal and require a smaller footprint.
  • Multiple drums are built into station to meet production capacity; 2 or 3 drums per lane is typical.
  • Single lane, dual lane, three lane layouts
  • Control system includes touchscreen, Class III Division I safety circuits, and IP69k washdown components.


  • No tray/no seal is now available enabling high speed Raque Ready Meal production.
  • Film cutting options for straight cut or die cut.
  • 1 to 4 film feed mandrels
  • Raque lines are capable of incorporating registered film at high production rates